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 . Dakota .
 . Dakota .  . Dakota .  . Dakota .
  • Domestic Long Hair, Tabby
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with routine shots
  • Prefers home without catsPrefers home without small kids
Diva Dakota is ready for her own home! She has been here with us for too long - she is about 7 years old. She was originally found as a stray but has been living indoors since then. She is beautiful, loving, but quirky! She loves attention but needs someone who will respect her boundaries - she can be sassy! She loves a good spa day to keep her long hair in check - she typically gets groomed 3-4 year as she doesn't love to be brushed and has long hair. Typical diva behavior! She is FIV positive but she can live a long healthy life as long as she is indoors and without other cats. Here's what Dakota has to say for herself! 🙂 Hey Hey Girls....and I can't forget the fellas!! Dakota here....STILL. I mean really, I like this foster lady, she's totally chill, but a diva like me needs her own place to call home. So I live with this foster lady and another 12 year old human girl but if she was any younger...NO WAY....I need to be the youngest in my house and I am already 7 years old - my birthday is in July BTW. I am also looking for someone who is going to drive me to the spa. I love me a good spa day with a bath, haircut and my own stylist.....oh is HEAVEN! Sooo...since I am putting myself out here on the internet, I should disclose that there's a little something called FIV but really...I am looking for companionship, not like a real relationship here so don't let that distract you from my beauty and spunk. It doesn't bother me in the least! OMG, NO, I will NOT tell you about my old days of living on the streets....some of us do what we have to do to get by until we are rescued so I keep that life behind me, but now I see the FIV as just a suffix to my name right?? Some people I have met are named Dr. Jane Smith MD or Ineeda Resqcat DDS...mine is Diva Dakota how do I come up with this stuff...I'm seriously just so fabulous and can really entertain myself! So anyways, I am Diva Dakota FIV and I am looking for a companion and home to call my own. Want a snuggly companion? Totally hit me up. Only must have else would I be able to check out how good I look?? Dakota is currently in a foster home so if you would like to meet her please fill out an adoption application. They can be found at and can be filled out online, faxed to 617-488-2239 or emailed to
Adult, Female, Medium
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