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 . Ellis .
 . Ellis .  . Ellis .  . Ellis .  . Ellis .  . Ellis .
  • Domestic Short Hair
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Special Needs
Ellis is one of our long term fosters and hospice kitties. He is about a year old. We are interested in finding a long term home for him who can provide him a safe and loving home while we monitor his medical condition and provide him with the necessary treatments. Many kittens have heart murmurs. Vets perform a routine exam before a neuter or spay surgery to check for these. These heart murmurs often go away or lessen when the kitten is older. Ellis came to us in a litter of 3 kittens and was raised in a loving foster home. Both of his siblings were adopted and are healthy. Unfortunately, Ellis is not so lucky. He has a very severe heart defect which cannot be corrected via surgery. Kittens with this condition only live for a few months or years. Ellis is defying the odds but will not recover. He is sweet and loving and gets along well with other cats. He is very playful. He takes medication twice a day and is very good about it. He also goes for cardiac ultrasounds every 4 months to monitor him. Unfortunately, his condition is not improving and will ultimately worsen. We are looking for a hospice home to provide him a safe and loving situation, however long his life is. Angelcat Haven is committed to his medical care but would like to find him somewhere to live out his days. The ideal home would be within 30 minutes of Foxboro, MA, so we can bring him to his vet appointments and monitor his progress.
Young, Male, Small
 . Jack - Venus 6 .
 . Jack - Venus 6 .  . Jack - Venus 6 .
  • Domestic Long Hair
  • Spayed/Neutered
Hello – Jack here! I am one of the 8 kitties thrown over the fence on Venus Street last September. Like the rest of my friends I was underweight, hungry, and scared. I was luckily healthy aside for some bumps and scrapes. I was fostered with my friend “Gus” and like other cats. Jack is a 1 year old black long hair cat. Jack is a bit more timid but once he gets comfortable with you, he loves climbing into your lap and purring his heart out. He makes a cute trilling noise when he is curious about something. He is super soft and light as a feather. Jack likes other cats but would be fine as an only cat. He is good with older quiet children. This cat is currently in a foster home so if you would like to meet them please fill out an adoption application. They can be found at and can be filled out online, faxed to 617-488-2239 or emailed to
Young, Male, Medium
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