Angelcat Haven Spade Cat Strut Virtual 5K

**SALES HAVE ENDED FOR OUR 2020 SPADE CAT STRUT** Check back for our 2021 event soon!

Join Angelcat Haven for our first annual Spade Cat Strut Virtual 5K race! The best kind of cat is a “Spade” (spayed or neutered) cat! Looking for a fun way to support a local animal rescue and keep yourself active in the process? Angelcat Haven Feline Rescue is hosting the Spade Cat Strut Virtual 5K and we would love for you to join us! Participants can complete the 5k at their own pace (walk, run, or bike), on their own time, and on whatever course they choose. When the race has been completed you can submit pictures of you and your team completing the race or a screen capture of your time for our social media teams to include on a Spade Cat Strut results page which can be found on our social media and website.  

Every dollar raised goes directly to the care and vetting of approximately 50+ rescue cats and kittens in foster care with Angelcat Haven Feline Rescue. The basic race package is $25 and contains a printable race bib, finisher medal, sticker, and a handmade catnip toy. An upgraded package for $35 includes all of the basic package plus a Spade Cat Strut 5k t-shirt or racerback tank top. The race bib will be emailed after sign-up and the medal and shirt packages will be shipped the week of December 1st. All medals and shirts are custom made by local artisans – your support not only helps us but it helps them as well! 

Angelcat Haven Feline Rescue (ACH) is an all-volunteer, 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing stray and abandoned cats in Southeastern Massachusetts and has rescued over 1000 cats since inception in 2006. For more information, or to volunteer, please call the message center at (508) 203-4240 or visit Tax deductible donations may be sent to Angelcat Haven, P.O. Box 2261, Plainville, MA 02762.   


Q: What is a virtual 5k?

A: It is a regular 5k – there’s just no physical time or space that it needs to be completed in. You can do it by running circles in your yard, on a treadmill, riding your bike, walking a track, hiking through the woods or wandering around your town (among endless other options). It allows you the freedom to choose the course you are most comfortable with. 

Q: When is the virtual 5K?

A: It has no specific date that you need to adhere to other than we hope that you are able to complete it by the time we ship out your race completion package, aka the first week of December. Even if you can’t, you should be proud of the fact you helped the cats in our rescue with your donation. 

Q: How long is a 5k?

A: 3.107 miles

Q: What if I can’t run?

A: You don’t have to. If you’d rather ride a bike, rollerblade, or walk you can. Do whatever makes you happy!

Q: Do I have to do it all at once?

A: You can complete it in any way that you are physically able to. If that means you want to walk, run, or bike one mile a day for several days, that’s up to you! We don’t want anyone doing more than they feel they can.

Q: What if I don’t finish before the finisher packages are sent out?

A: You’ll still get your package. If something happens that makes you unable to complete the race we won’t hold it against you. All money raised goes to the care and vetting of 50+ foster cats and kittens and they will still love you just as much for helping them even if you don’t finish!

Q: What sizes are the shirts? 

A: The t-shirts are unisex, the racerbacks run closer to women’s sizes. We recommend sizing up if you aren’t sure, see chart below
Tees: S: 18 in wide, 28 in long M: 20 in wide, 29.5 in long L: 22 in wide, 30.25 in long XL: 24 in wide, 31.25 in long XXL: 26 in wide, 32.5 in long
Racerbacks: S: 16 in wide, 25.5 in long M: 18 in wide, 26 in long L: 20 in wide, 27 in long Xl: 22 in wide, 28 in long XXL: 24 in wide, 28.5 in long