Adoption Application

    Below you can find a form to begin your adoption process. Please note that this is not a contract of adoption and Angelcat Haven (ACH) will review the adoption request and contact you within 5 business days for next steps. During this time we may reach out to your vet and landlord as applicable.

    If you would like our Word document version of the application form, Click Here

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    Do you have other pets in the home or have had in the last five years?


    If yes, list all pets names, type, ages, spayed/neutered, licensed (if applicable), currently own (explain details if no longer own), If no, please list experience with pets in the past:

    If you do not have a pet, do you have a vet reference from a prior pet?:

    Are they up to date on shots?


    Vet name & Number

    Permission to contact vet? (Please reach out to vet to authorize Angeltcat Haven to discuss pet records)


    What name are the vet records under?

    Will the cat be an indoor or outdoor?


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    Who is the animal for?

    Who will be the primary caregiver?

    Why do you want a new cat or kitten?

    We require a contact person who can care for the pet in event of any issues. Who would care for your cat in the event that you cannot? Please provide their name, relationship to you, and phone number.

    Under what conditions would you consider giving up your cat/returning your cat to the rescue?

    What type of home do you live in?

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    If renting, does your lease allow pets?


    If renting, what is your Landlord's name & Number

    If renting, can we contact your landlord?


    Can we come to your home to see where the animal will be living? (not usually required)


    Other Comments:

    Adoption fees are $180 for adults and $250 for kittens. All of our cats and kittens are spayed/neutered and current on vaccines prior to adoption.

    Please be aware that our available cats often have many applicants trying to adopt them. Our goal is to find the best home for each individual cat based on what we feel is in the cat’s best interest. This will ultimately disappoint some applicants. Thank you for understanding.

    Bounced Check Policy:
    If a check used to pay for the adoption fee bounces, I/we understand that this contract of adoption is null and void and that I/we will either pay the adoption fee via cash and all bounced check fees incurred by Angelcat Haven OR I/we will allow Angelcat Haven to repossess the feline adopted.

    Do you consent Angelcat Haven and representatives on behalf of Angelcat haven to use this information for processing your application for adoption?