When cats and kittens are rescued, there are many costs incurred.  The animals need carriers, litter and food supplies, toys, beds, blankets, dishes, and trips to the vet! Sometimes they need medical procedures, but they routinely need flea and deworming treatments and surgery to be neutered.  Adoption costs never completely cover the expenses and so we ask that you consider becoming a partner with us and share the cost of supplying a well stocked foster home kit and vet vouchers to directly contribute to the needs of the cats in our care.

Not everyone can hang outside in all kinds of weather to trap, nor can everyone take in a foster cat; but you can Share the Care with us by donating to our Foster Sponsorship Program!  By pledging a recurring donation, we will be able to better plan for the routine expenses and put away some funds for the inevitable emergencies.

Make your choice(s) by clicking the blue button or the “Donate Now” link to pay online or mail a check.  In the notes section of the PayPal page (or on a note with the check) please leave your name, email and address and why this is important to you. Indicate if this is a one-time donation or if you want it to recur for a number of months.  Anyone who makes a contribution every month for a year will become a part of our Nine Lives Club on our Whisker Wall!

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