Be a Foster, Save a life

According to the ASPCA, each year, approximately 2.7 million animals are euthanized (1.2 million dogs and 1.4 million cats). Of the cats entering shelters, approximately 37% are adopted, 41% are euthanized, and less than 5% of cats who came in as strays are returned to their owners.

We are a no-kill rescue organization who depend on foster families to help us rescue these homeless cats.

What does it mean to be a foster for Angelcat Haven?

Our foster families help us save the lives of countless cats each year. Fosters provide a temporary safe haven for our cats to get ready to head to their furever homes. It is important for these cats to get into a home to play and just be the fun and loving cats they always wanted to be.

What is involved in being a foster for Angelcat Haven?

Most importantly, there is no out of pocket expense to become a foster. We are looking for a cozy space where the cats can rest up and have some alone time away from other pets while they adjust to their new surroundings. This can be a spare room, den or a similar place.

Angelcat Haven will provide the following at no cost to the fosters:

  • Food
  • Litter
  • Litter Boxes
  • Toys
  • Vetting & Medication (if applicable)
  • Vet Transport
  • Bedding

A loving foster home not only provides the temporary housing, but prepares the cat to be adopted out to their furever home.

How long will each cat stay?

The length of time each cat needs to stay with a foster home varies depending on vetting needs, socialization of the cat and the cat/kitten age (kittens must be at least 3 months old before they head to PetSmart). We will discuss expected length of stay for each cat prior to fostering.

Unless of course you fall totally in love with your foster cat or kitten, in which case you will given the option to complete the adoption process before the cat or kitten is publicly posted for adoption (NOTE: Standard Angelcat Haven adoption processes will still apply, including, but not limited to, adoption application, adoption fees and a recent home visit).

Interested in becoming a foster?

Head over to our Foster Application Form and let us know your details. We will then be in touch to discuss next steps. At this time we can only accept applications for residents of Massachusetts due to legal restrictions.

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