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I’m tearing up as I write this…

Last night, Sammy had to be rushed to Tufts ER. It was immediately confirmed that he had a sudden onset of a level 4 heart murmur and wasn’t able to breath very well. Xrays show some abnormalities in his chest with his heart and lungs and the Dr stated a neurological exam would need to be done as well for his wobbling and misshapen head structure. CHF(congestive heart failure) is a very real possibility for 5 month old Sammy…a kitten who loves adults, children, cats, dogs and just loves life!!

Sammy is admitted at Tufts ICU in a special oxygenated cage with an iv catheter and receiving lasix and other meds to help. Our total thus far without the extensive cardiology, pulmonary and neurological exams is $1099.56.

Sammy’s vet bills are going to be very high and will deplete our current donations within a very short time. We have many other cats and kittens in our care that still need their basic vet care that we can’t ignore either. Even though Sammy’s future looks bleak, we have made a promise to Sammy to do what we can to keep him with us, comfortably, as long as we are able to but we need your help to allow Sammy the great life he deserves, for however long that may be.

Thus begins SAMMY’S ANGELS! Please, any little bit helps Sammy get the great care he desperately needs…are you one of Sammy’s Angels??

The PayPal Link is below and the mailing address for checks is:

Angelcat Haven Inc.
P.O.Box 2261
Plainville, Ma 02762
ANY donation made is tax deductible and helps Sammy tremendously!


Thank you and please, pray for Sammy

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